Leibwächter - Herzlich Willkommen

58 Herbs

Herbal Elixir

The most valuable herbs from all over the world are processed into a unique elixir by cold maceration, a very gentle process to extract the essence of these high-quality herbs.

Leibwächter Kräuter Elixier mit 58 Kräutern - 500ml Flasche.

Leibwächter is a bitter elixir with 58 high quality herbs from around the world, made in Austria. Every bottle represents 145 years of experience in the production of spirits as well as the diligence and dedication of our team at the Mozart Distillerie in Salzburg, Austria, who makes Leibwächter a unique, local product.


Leibwächter Cocktails


Try one of our Leibwächter drinks at home and be surprised by the harmonious herbal note in the cocktail. Here you will find our recipes and drink inspirations.

Leibwächter vor einem Torbogen mit einer Flasche Herbal Elixier in der Hand.

A long tradition

From Austria since 1873

The coachman has always been a confidant and guardian for his passengers. He would wait outside with his horses in all weathers and in the meantime treated himself with Leibwächter herbal bitter. The bitter elixir made from 58 cold macerated herbs.

Whether through fog, thunderstorm or blizzard. With the bitter elixir from Leibwächter I reach my destination safe and sound even under the most difficult conditions.

The coachman

Leibwächter Kutscher Illustration